BakeSmart Bakery Management Platform
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No More Hand Written Tally Sheets or Clumsy Spreadsheets.

Whether you’re looking for a detailed production process with ingredient and lot tracking or quick production with automatic inventory pulls, BakeSmart has features that will work for your bakery.

Streamline your production with BakeSmart so you can focus on doing what you do best, creating delicious baked goods.

Calculate Costs and Prices

Our Production Module understands how much of each ingredient goes into a single baked good, so it can calculate how much it costs to make. Add equipment time and labor to get an even better understanding. BakeSmart can help set your prices appropriately.

Set Volume and Date Limits

Those taking orders may not realize or even understand the limits of the bakery’s production lines. BakeSmart can remind you when the orders you take surpass your production capabilities.

Standard Production Amounts

Whatever you need to fulfill your walk-in business, BakeSmart can automatically add these to your daily Bake Sheet so you can take them into account satisfy all your walk-in customers and fill your display cases.

Produce from a Central Location

If your bakery has multiple stores but produces at a central location, you can use the Centralized Production setting and set the store where production occurs.

Let us show you how easy it is to bake smarter.