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$199 / month

$1,499 Installation

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$249 / month

$2,499 Installation

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$299 / month

$3,499 Installation

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BakeSmart includes 5 station licenses and one location.

Each additional station is $30/per month and each additional location is $50/month

But I have questions...

Here are a few answers just for you.

Nope.  BakeSmart is an on-premise application.  We install software on your computers.

No.  BakeSmart will run on any Windows or MacOS based computer.  If you want help getting new equipment we do sell Point of Sale systems, printers and accessories and we’d love to help you with that.

Yes!  We provide support 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 

Installations on every station and configuration of the software.  Installation also includes system setup, training and data import

Yes.  Your data is yours.  If you ever decide that BakeSmart isn’t right for you we’ll export your information for you.  No extra fees or cost.

Yep.  You sure can.  At any time. 

Sure. Each plan includes installing BakeSmart on up to 5 computers.  If you would like to use BakeSmart additional computers we charge $30 per additional computer per month.

What exactly is included with each plan?

We're glad you asked. We made this handy chart to illustrate the features of each plan.

Essentials Pro Enterprise
Point of Sale
Future Orders
Product Costing
Inventory Management
Purchase Orders
Recipe Management
Time Cards
MailChimp Integration
QuickBooks Online Integration
Custom Cakes
Wedding Cakes
Venue Management
Gift Cards
Loyalty Programs
Multiple Locations
BakeSmart Online (E-Commerce)
Standing Wholesale Orders
Shadow Wholesale Orders