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Bakery Staffing 101: Guidelines, Tips, and Best Practices

What’s the most challenging part of running your own brick-and-mortar bakery? Some business owners might say keeping track of inventory, and others might say organizing bills and payroll. But a large chunk of bakery professionals across the country would say that building (and maintaining) a top-notch staff is one of the biggest challenges.

Don't worry! BakeSmart is here to provide all the tools you need to run a successful bakery, including staffing resources. Learn more about bakery staffing 101—class is in session!

Building a Sweet Team

So, your bakery has taken off, and now you need additional staff to keep the cakes coming. The first step is to craft a job posting that will attract new talent. Be sure to include job duties and necessary experience. And don’t forget to be realistic about job responsibilities to weed out unqualified candidates.

Once you have prospective employees whittled down to just a few, it’s time to start interviewing. Learn more about each candidate’s career goals and what they plan to bring to the table. Don’t forget that they’re interviewing you as well—allow them some time to ask the questions!

Getting Everyone Up to Speed

Once the hiring paperwork is filled out, it’s time to train. Lay out your training goals beforehand, but don’t be afraid to tailor the plan to each new hire’s needs. After all, one employee may need more work on a particular skill, while another may be ready to move on rather quickly. Above all, remember to be compassionate during the process. Mistakes happen, don’t cry over spilled milk! Getting sour will only cause a rift between you and the new hires. Turn it into a learning experience instead!

Fostering a Positive Environment

It’s crucial to create a positive work environment as you manage the daily operations of your bakery. Address miscommunications immediately and always try to be direct with your intentions. Your bakery staff shouldn’t have to guess what you want from them.

Instead of micromanaging everything, give your employees clear direction, so they have the confidence to take charge. When you show faith in your team, they’ll be empowered to make their own decision. And, hopefully, they’ll be happier overall at work.

BakeSmart Supports Your Business

Running a bakery is much more than decorating cakes. With BakeSmart on your side, the day-to-day grind doesn’t have to grind your nerves. We offer a range of management solutions, including tips for keeping a happy and competent staff. Be sure to access your very own Bakery Staffing 101 downloadable or reach out to us for details about our software.

Let us show you how easy it is to bake smarter.