Take Cake Orders Online

Picture this: It’s rush hour at your bakery, and pastries are practically flying out the door. Business is booming, but the lines are getting long, and some customers don’t look too happy about the wait. While standing in line is a small price to pay for delicious pies, cakes, and so much more, why not minimize the hassle? At BakeSmart, we recommend implementing an online cake ordering system so you can avoid the lines and enhance customer experience. Our software is designed with bakeries of all sizes in mind, and it’s scalable to match your exact needs. Learn more about online cake orders making life a little easier for everyone.

Why Implement Online Ordering

Opting for an online ordering software has many more benefits than may first come to mind. We’ve already mentioned the shorter lines, and you’ve probably already thought of a few yourself. No matter the size of your business, it just makes sense to use a bakery online ordering system. Here are a few more reasons to go digital with cake ordering:

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Allow for Specifics

Everyone has their own tastes and preferences, especially when it comes to dessert. While some people love the simple decadence of a white cake with chocolate frosting, others like something more adventurous. Taking cake orders online allows customers to be as specific as possible with their orders. You might include separate fields for icing, toppings, fruit garnishes, and toppers. Regardless of your customers’ tastes, you’ll have something ready to order for everyone!

Reduce Human Error

Manual data entry will trip up the most diligent of employees. When customers have the chance to order online, you minimize the risk of a team member putting the wrong information into the order form. This allows for enhanced accuracy, and of course, improved customer satisfaction. 

A Straightforward Interface

Using a bakery ordering software like BakeSmart makes the ordering process simple every time! By using a straightforward interface, customers can quickly learn the ropes of placing their orders online. Whether they’re designing a custom cake or hoping for an old favorite, our easy-to-use software provides an intuitive experience. 

Better Customer Experience 

Business owners are always looking for ways to make their customers just a little happier. With online ordering capabilities, you’ll allow your customers to place their orders from anywhere. That means they can choose their sweet treat sitting at home or place an order from the office to be picked up after a hard day’s work. Thanks to BakeSmart and online ordering platforms, your bakery will be the best place to buy cakes (and the most convenient!). 

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Simplify Product Showcases

Having pastries and cakes on display in your bakery is a great way to entice customers to buy. However, you can only feature what fits in the case, and items have to constantly be switched out as they start to lose their fresh-baked look. Bakeries with online ordering systems easily navigate this problem. Your online storefront can feature rotating photos of your favorite desserts, showing customers all the cakes they can buy online. Reference pictures help customers make the right decision as well as minimize the need to stock an in-person display case. 

Offer Surprise Deals 

Everyone loves saving money, so why not pass some exciting discounts along to your customers? With an online bakery management software, you can efficiently implement “buy one get one free” deals and discounts of the day. Online promotions are easily shareable and help to retain customers as well as bring in new ones. With BakeSmart, you can plan for recurring deals and throw in some surprise savings as well! 

Getting Started 

So, you’re convinced of all the benefits of bringing your bakery’s cakes online. Where do you start when it comes to implementing your new online storefront? Luckily, setting up online cake ordering isn’t as complicated as it may seem. With some help from BakeSmart and our tech-savvy team, we’ll have your cake bakery online ordering system set up in no time. Here are a few ways to get started: 

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Create Your Platform

Everything starts with creating a platform that allows your customers to quickly and easily complete their orders. Fortunately, our bakery business software has all the parts and pieces you need to develop the ideal platform. Consider including the following on your online ordering platform: 

  • User Accounts—Offering a way for users to create accounts promotes repeat business and makes customers feel like a part of your business. 
  • Order Updates—People love knowing exactly when their order will be ready to go (think pizza delivery trackers). Sending customers updates when their orders are being assembled and completed allows them to plan accordingly. 
  • Exclusive Offers—Make your customers feel like part of an insider club with offers only available on the website or through an app. Giving your customers something extra special encourages them to keep buying cakes online. 

Build Custom Cake Forms 

Once your platform is ready to go, start thinking through custom cake forms. Many bakeries offer slews of customization options, and it’s a good idea to have forms squared away for when the first order comes in. You’ll want fields for the basics, such as flavor, frosting, and color, but you may also want to include other specifics. If you’re planning to do your cake contracts online, program spaces for customers to input the following: 

  • Contact information
  • Event details (time, place, etc.) 
  • Decorations 
  • Food allergies
  • Number of cake stands or props
  • Decorations 

Use Specialized Settings

The process for buying cakes and pies online may differ depending on the circumstances surrounding the order. For example, special events like weddings may require different fields on a cake order form than a small birthday cake order. Thankfully, BakeSmart makes it easy to input specialized wedding settings into your online ordering platform. These events have lots of moving parts and dozens of people involved, so it only makes sense that the baker should be in contact with the wedding planner, florist, etc. Using our software, you can input all the relevant contact information for these individuals and ensure your customer’s day goes as smooth as a layer of icing. 

Work Out Pick Up and Delivery Options 

Online birthday cake ordering is more than just filling out fields on a website or app. After the order is complete, the customer needs to choose from pick-up options. It’s good practice to clearly explain these options once the order is submitted. Will all cake orders automatically be scheduled for pick up at the customer’s convenience? Or will you list available pickup times? Maybe you have enough staff to offer delivery. If that’s the case, be sure to be clear about any delivery fees or restrictions. Just like taking orders, all of this can be done from our bakery software program! 

BakeSmart Makes Placing an Order a Breeze

Running a bakery is more than just popping cakes into the oven and designing wedding toppers. There are lots of little details, such as POS systems and online storefront management, that can go overlooked. Fortunately, BakeSmart is here to make owning a bakery much simpler. With our wholesale bakery software, business owners have everything they need at their fingertips. Our systems are designed to help you handle inventory, payroll, and much more. Before you know it, you’ll no longer be relying on dozens of spreadsheets to keep your business running. Have 30 free minutes this week? Be sure to schedule a demo with a member of the BakeSmart team. You’ll love it within 30 days, or your money back!