How to Use Email Marketing to Get People in Your Bakery

Whether professional, personal, or promotional, email remains an important means of communication. In fact, the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day reached 269 billion in 2017. As a bakery, you can utilize a digital email campaign to widen your reach and get real customers into your bakery.

Collecting Email Addresses

Before you begin an email campaign to start generating foot traffic into your bakery, you will first need a solid list of email addresses. There are quite a few ways you could go about collecting emails in-store or online, but it’s important to remember that the emails you collect are going to real people. Think about your own email habits. What entices you to open a promotional email? Most likely it is because you believe it will benefit you in some way, so keep this in mind when you ask for an email address. Offer them something in return for their information like extra points on your loyalty program or welcome discounts as a thank you.

Instruct your front-of-house staff to ask customers for their email address or mention your email list as they’re ringing up sales. Adding this as a custom field in your point of sales system is a convenient way to keep track of email addresses and other customer information that can be added to your email list. Think about other fields that could meaningfully inform email marketing campaigns. Make it fun by asking them about their favorite flavor of pie. Or let them know that if they provide their birthday, they can get a treat to celebrate.

In-store Events

Once you have a strong email list, you can think about the best ways to communicate with your subscribers. Since one of your main goals with email marketing is to get people into your bakery, your campaigns should include information and offers that customers can’t get online. In-store events or helpful classes bring people into your bakery and create a sense of community. Themed events are a fun way to create an email campaign that will catch people’s eye by playing on something familiar to them. Think about some popular culture interests that will draw in a large crowd.

For large in-store events consider using a series of emails to generate buzz. This will increase the chances of someone opening at least one of your messages. Pique their curiosity with the first in the series by letting them know something big is coming, but don’t give them any details yet.

You can also use email campaigns to advertise:

  • Giveaways
  • New product launches
  • In-store discounts and coupons
  • Secret sales
  • New blog posts

Segment Your List

Depending on your bakery’s size or delivery area you might want to consider segmenting your email list. Segmented emails are messages you send to specific addresses in your email list, which can lead to substantial increases in click-through rate. Breaking down your list gives you a chance to send relevant content to a unique group, encouraging them to come into your bakery. Most email marketing management software can help you manage your lists.

If you are just starting out and you don’t know how to segment your list, that’s ok. Get to know what your email customers are most interested in by seeing what they respond to. Let’s say you send out an email about a sale on gluten-free products. Those who clicked the link will probably be interested in other gluten-free items. You can add these people to a list for future related items and coupons to entice them into your bakery.

You may already have a good idea of your customers preferences based on any demographics that you have collected. Segmenting your email list is all about getting the right message to people so they will want to come in. For example, younger customers might drop by for pastries, while families may order bread and rolls.

Just like you can section your list by your customers’ preferences, you can also send emails based on their engagement with your campaign. A little bit of strategic forethought can go a long way to persuade customers to come into your bakery. For example, consider sending a follow-up email to the group of people who did not open your first message about a big sale coming up. And for those that have clicked on a link but haven’t committed to the purchase, you could send an email with a relevant coupon encouraging them to buy.

Helpful Hints:

When it comes to the content of your emails, try to keep in mind that people’s attention is constantly being pulled in different directions. Your bakery’s promotional email needs to keep their interest long enough to get your message across. This means that it will need to show a little personality (that coincides with your bakery’s brand image). But you shouldn’t necessarily choose style over substance. Keep it to the point and easy to scan.

It can feel like a delicate balancing act trying to keep your emails well rounded, but well worth the amount of traffic you will receive in your bakery. Here are a few more helpful hints to use in your email marketing campaigns to keep them balanced:

  • Personalize! A simple “Hi [First Name],” at the beginning of the email will get people to open more emails. Personalized promotional emails had 29 percent higher unique open rates and 41 percent higher unique click rates.
  • Tantalize your subscribers! Showcase your creations with plenty of pictures and videos.
  • Make coupons easy! Most people aren’t printing coupons out anymore so make sure that they are easily redeemable on mobile devices.

80% of marketers agree email marketing remains one of the most effective strategies. Use email to connect to your customers and promote your bakery. With more traffic to your bakery, you may need help keeping all aspects of your bakery in line.

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