Bakery software designed to help bakery owners take control of every aspect of their business.

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Custom Cakes

BakeSmart has everything you need to handle all shapes, sizes and types of cake orders. From making filled, stacked, and decorated cakes to delivery of your special creations the Custom Cakes module gives you total flexibility.

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Build your online store in minutes. Customers can easily select cake flavors, fillings, icings, and decorations using BakeSmart Online. Online orders are downloaded to BakeSmart automatically and appear in your usual production workflow.

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BakeSmart's standing orders save hours and minimize entry errors by automatically generating repeat orders. Use any of the 12 price levels for each individual account or even individually price specific products. Allow your wholesale customers to manage their own orders through your portal.

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Point of Sale

Touch screens with a highly customizable and easy-to-use interface allows your employees to complete transactions with any type of customer in seconds with BakeSmart’s Point of Sale.

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Gift & Loyalty

Offer your customers the gift cards they want. Never pay another swipe fee. Create loyalty programs that keep customers coming back again and again.

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Spending a lot of time manually building purchase orders? BakeSmart lets you know when you’re running low on inventory, and, with just a click, add items to a purchase order from your preferred supplier. One more click sends the PO to your rep!

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Quickly enter formulas and assign them to your products to know your costs. Include Add-Ons and Packaging to effortlessly track your paper usage. Scale formulas up or down in seconds.

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BakeSmart tells bakers exactly how much of each recipe to make to meet demand. Completed batches turn raw materials into finished goods. Lot tracking features help ensure food safety priorities.

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Time Cards

Use BakeSmart for employee timekeeping and know your up-to-the-minute labor costs for any pay period.

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QuickBooks Integration

Eliminate double entry and let BakeSmart send your sales and time card data directly to QuickBooks.

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If you are interested in a cloud solution for order management, check out OrderNova, a BakeSmart company.