Bakery Management Software

As a bakery owner, you most likely manage a variety of aspects of your bakery. There’s employees, customers, inventory, equipment, safety, marketing, sales, not to mention the actual baking. Depending on your bakery size you may be in charge of almost all of it. 

In order to make your life easier, bakery management software is a must. Just like baking, you need the right tools for the job. If you’re baking with the wrong equipment, then your creations won’t turn out the way you want them. The same goes for managing your bakery. 

Bakery Management Software

As a retail bakery owner or manager, utilizing bakery management software should be a no-brainer. You can connect all sorts of information into a platform so you have everything you need in one place. 

There are many benefits of using a bakery management system that will save you time and money, especially when it comes to keeping your orders straight. There’s nothing worse than not knowing where your orders stand or making mistakes on customer orders because you’re unorganized. Bakery order management software keeps track of all your orders for you instead of needing to keep bundles of paper or spreadsheets lying around. 

There’s no need to download a bakery management system project pdf and manually add data every time you need to start a new project. With bakery management software designed specifically for retail bakeries, everything you need will be in one place and ready to go. 

BakeSmart is a bakery management software that can help get your retail bakery to save time, money, and headaches. It was created specifically to meet the needs of a retail bakery. We know how much work it takes to keep your bakery running in tip-top shape. That’s why our software offers you complete control of every aspect of your bakery.

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Bakery Inventory Management

Spending a lot of time with a handwritten bakery inventory list? Filling out a confusing bakery inventory form? Calculating bakery inventory and production needs by hand can be extremely time consuming and frustrating. What you need is better bakery inventory management! Using a bakery inventory excel template can only take you so far, especially if it isn’t connected to your production or point of sale processes. Mistakes using spreadsheets could lead to ordering too much or too little inventory. It’s not good to have ingredients that go bad or not having enough to make baked goods to sell to your customers. 

A bakery inventory management system lets you know when you’re running low on inventory, and, with just a click, you can add items to a purchase order from your preferred supplier. Instead of using a bakery inventory template, automatically track your bakery inventory with retail bakery software. 

As you reduce your stock of raw goods, you increase the inventory of finished goods or even partial products like pie crusts. And then as items are sold, the production tool reduces the number of on-hand inventory of all those finished goods sold through the system. As ingredient and product numbers go up and down, you’ll know what’s going on in your retail bakery. 

Streamline your retail bakery inventory with BakeSmart so you can focus on doing what you do best, creating delicious baked goods. We know how much work it takes to keep your bakery running at its peak. That’s why our software offers you complete control of every aspect of your bakery. Whether you’re looking for a detailed bakery production process with ingredient and lot tracking or quick production with automatic inventory pulls, BakeSmart can help. 

Bakery Software

When you’re looking for bakery software, it can be helpful to look at baking IT software reviews. But make sure it isn’t home bakery management software, such as cake boss software.

The needs of a retail bakery are very different from the people who are baking in their own kitchens at home, so home bakery software won’t have all the elements you need. It might not be as robust. By contrast, retail bakery software will have features that are specific to your retail bakery business, such as a point of sale system that connects with your inventory. 

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Whatever the size of your retail bakery business, bakery software should serve your needs. Small bakery software all offers different elements, but solid small bakery management software should have features that help you from beginning to end all in one place. For example, wholesale bakery software is included as a part of the broader bakery software. 

Selling your bakery’s goods wholesale to businesses like restaurants or grocery stores can bring some much-needed consistency into the hectic life of the retail baker. So if your retail bakery sells wholesale, then it makes sense for those accounts to be connected to your software. Luckily, with software from BakeSmart, our bakery POS system also include wholesale accounts. 

Useful Bakery Management Software Integrations

Not only will your retail bakery need all your features to “talk” to each other, but it can be incredibly helpful to have built-in integrations to other popular small business software for accounting or marketing. It doesn’t make sense to have one app for bakery orders and then apps for bakery business processes separately. 

Integrating accounting software for bakery business is especially important so that you know payroll, bakery inventory costs, and other money-related things are being tracked accurately. A bakery accounting software integration helps you sync sales totals, customer invoices, and time card data. You can track all your numbers in one place with no switching over to another program or application. Integration is a must, especially if you have more than one location.

BakeSmart integrates with Quickbooks, a popular accounting software for bakeries. With our Quickbooks integration, you can sync taxes and payments with BakeSmart’s calculations and data storage. Track your money flow and pull a full accounting log. Line items on your sales receipt are broken down into each payment method used on that day in the corresponding store, as well as each tax rate that’s set up in BakeSmart.

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BakeSmart is bakery software that was created specifically to meet the needs of a retail bakery. We understand the challenges of retail bakery management.

Our software offers you complete control of every aspect of your bakery, from ordertaking, to production, to inventory management, to nutrition and product costing.  

With BakeSmart, you’ll know what to make, when to make it, and how much it costs. Let us help you conquer the chaos. 

Get bakery software that will help you manage your entire operation. Schedule a demo today!